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  • SKU:WS0006JX
  • 4 in 1 filtration system: 2021 new model, increase air volume. Consists of a pre-filter, air purifier, activated carbon filter, real air purifier Hepa filter and cold catalyst and efficiently cleans the 99.97% allergy and fine dust in the air. Room air purifier ideal for allergy sufferers, pet owners, smokers, babies. air purifier against cat hair.
  • 4 Wind speed: CADR up to 210m³ / h. Effectively cleans rooms up to 55 m² such as air purifiers, smoking rooms, apartments, offices and bedrooms. 4 fan speeds (low, medium, high, sleep mode) are conveniently adjusted according to your different requirement and air quality of the house.
  • Powerful power and ionizer: With combination filter and ionizer, air filter can effectively cleans smoke, unpleasant smells, pet dander, pollen, allergy, dust, PM2.5, and harmful gases like formaldehyde etc. Ion generator generate negative ions to remove the particles remaining in neutralize the air and further improve the air quality at home. Let yourself breathe like in the forest. Air purifier ionizer can be switched off at any time.
  • Night mode and timer: Quiet sleep mode (below 29 dB operating noise) will not disturb you and your family's sweet dream. Timer function (1/2/3/4 hours) can help us to set the working time of the air purifier. You can enjoy the fresh air at home and in the bedroom while you sleep.
  • Guarantee and scope of delivery: 1 year guarantee. Package Included: 1 * Air Purifier, 1 * User Manual, 1 * Filter (Installed inside the device with a plastic bag), 1 * Canvas Dust Cover. To avoid secondary air pollution, the filter reminder indicator light flashes to remind you to change a new filter after 2000 hours.

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