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• Intelligent touch, allows you to customize your brushing plan on your toothbrush and check product information for the toothbrush 

• 8 zone blind spot detection, 30 second zone reminders, 2-3 minutes brushing time

• Electric cleaning and brushing, magnetic levitation brushless motor has a maximum brushing force of 220 gf.cm, and a maximum speed of 42,000 rpm

• Equipped with the latest version of the Oclean OS with an all-new UI design, makes it more convenient to operate

• The results of the brushing are displayed graphically on the dental model through the touch screen.

• Intelligent wake-up, just lift the toothbrush to wake it up

• Ultra quiet: operating noise lower than 45 dB

• Wireless quick charge, 3.5 hours to fully charge

• 35 days battery life

• Four customizable brushing modes, with adjustable 32-level intensity

• A newly-added sensitive mode for people with sensitive gums, to avoid hurting their gums while brushing

• APP provides brushing analysis reports, and can push custom modes to the toothbrush

• DuPont Diamond brush filaments, with tongue scraper on the back of the toothbrush

• IPX7 Waterproof Rating

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