Wear and Care


1. First, we have to take a look at the width of our forehead. If the forehead is longer and wider in the court, then the side of the hair when wearing a wig.

2. Wrap your hair well, fix it with clips on the outside of the hair, and tidy it up.

3. Put the wig on in the order from front to back, first hold the front end with your forehead, and pull the wig back with both hands. All the way to own.

4. Look carefully to see if there is any broken hair exposed outside, and put the broken hair exposed outside.

5.Comb the wig, tidy the wig, pay special attention to the wig at the ear position, and comb it well.


1. Cover the washed wig with a hair net and put it into a sealable plastic bag with good air permeability (the bag has a small round hole).

Ordinary plastic bags, you can use a needle to pierce the bag a few holes.

2. Avoid sun exposure and damp environment, pay attention to dust.

3. If you wear it often, you should also spray a little (don't spray too much) care solution.

4. In the initial use of the headgear, it is slightly tight-a little better, because the headgear will be looser than the original after a long time of use. When you want to take it off just remove it from front to back.